AFFILIATIONS: Local 149 A.F. of M., Toronto, Canada; B.-M.S. England; Vice Pres., Toronto Guest Home Assn., Director, Toronto Property Management Assn.; Canadian Purchasing Management Assn.


CREDITS: Bill Stone's Hawaiians, England(3yrs); formed own group "The Islanders" (1949 through 1954); moved to Canada in 1954 and formed own group, "The Hawaiianaires" (1957); same group still performing at Hawaiian Shows and Luaus in Toronto night clubs; performed on Toronto TV Shows; guested on Hal Aloma and Sam Makia Shows in New York.


HONORS: Acknowledged in music circles as the owner of a huge collection of Hawaiian and Tahitian recordings totaling over 7,000 items in 29 years.



Authors Impressions:

MIKE SCOTT is wel-known in Hawaii through musicians visiting Toronto . . . Benny Kalama and the late Pua Almeida met Mike . . . and, of course, he made a good impression on me when I visited Toronto for a guest appearance on the coast-to-coast TV show, "Front Page Challenge" . . . I didn't get to see his collection but certainly will try before my next edition in 1978 . . . can you imagine the boost our Hawaiian recording field would recieve if only several hundred of our Island music buffs would start a collection ala MIKE SCOTT . . .

Mike Scott (Canada)

Steel Guitarist / Record Collector

LEGAL: Michael A. Scott
BORN: June 22, 1926 --England
PARENTS: Gwendoline & Ralph Scott
WIFE: Vera
CHILDREN: Richard (son); Teresa (daughter)
EDUCATION: Private Schools and Ratcliffe College in England