In Bnai Brith Talent Hunt

John Randle, Tenor, at left, won last nights preliminary in the Bnai Brith Talent Hunt at the College Theatre.Runners-up were Carolyn Mauro tapdancer at right, and the Three Hawaiianaires, Bob Smith, Dan Chappell and Mickey Scott.Seven other preliminaries will be held. The ultimate winner of the contest will receive a personal audition with Ed Sullivan and Arthur Godfrey and will also appear on Pick the Stars.


Tony Todaro presents: Golden Years of Hawaiian Entertainment
1874 - 1974
Pg 313 ... biography of Mike Scott
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The Golden Years of Hawaiian Entertainment: 1874-1974
by Songwriter Tony Todaro
 (Tony Todaro Publishing, 1974).
Very rare and expensive when found, it contains biographies and photos of nearly every major Hawaiian entertainer of the period.

Tony Todaro was a famous writer/lyricist with songs such as
“Keep Your Eyes on the Hands” and “I’ll See You In Hawaii” on over 80 albums, television shows and movies

Mike & Tony Todaro


Mike "Malihini" Scott
The Man of Steel

Mike was interviewed by Jo Bradley of Toronto surf band The Sintones



"Beyond the Reef" Corktown Ukulele Jam HAWAIIAN NIGHT featuring legendary steel player Mike Scott of The Hawaiianaires backed by Mike Allen and 50+ ukes from the May 6, 2009 jam at Toronto's Dominion on Queen pub.



Cultural Influences written by Mike Scott
Pg 75 in
The Hawaiian Steel Guitar and Its Great Hawaiian Musicians
compiled by Lorene Rumar

Published by Centerstream Publishing
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